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image of White on Pink Aspirin Polka Dots Hair Bow

Aspirin Polka Dots Hair Bow

White on Pink

$4.00 - 5.00

Made from simple grosgrain ribbon with a tightly ribbed texture. The edges are sealed to prevent fraying.

Every bow is hand-tied for sturdy hold and durability!

100% Polyester.

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Bow Size Chart

  • Bow:      

    1 1/2" long


    5/8" wide

  • SmallClassic
  • Bow:      

    2 1/2" long


    5/8" wide

  • MediumClassic
  • Bow:      

    3" long


    7/8" wide

  • LargeClassic
  • Bow:      

    4 1/2" long


    1 1/2" wide

  • XLargeClassic
  • Bow:      

    6" long


    2 1/4" wide

  • MediumTuxedo
  • Bow:      

    4" long


    7/8" wide

  • LargeTuxedo
  • Bow:      

    5" long


    1 1/2" wide

  • Ladies Belts
    size 2-4
    size 6-8
    size 10-12
    size 14

    Kids Belts

    3 - 6 years10 - 14 years ----

    Clasp Chart

    Hair Bow size XSmall, Small, Medium
    Hair Bow size Large
    Tuxedo Bow size Medium
    Hair Bow size XLarge
    Tuxedo Bows size Large
    Single-pronged Alligator Clip
    Double-pronged Alligator Clip
    Snap Clip
    French Barrette Clip

    1.5" wide, spring loaded

    1.5" wide, spring loaded

    2" wide

    2" or 3" wide, with heavy duty tension bar

    For a small additional fee, monogams are available on select products, for select sizes and styles.

    Depending on the product, you may specify one letter, three initials, or a name. We also offer a variety of monogram colors.

    To find out whether your product can be monogrammed, click on a size or style on the product page, and look for 'Add Monogram'.